Viktor Orbán Calls on NATO to Prioritize Peace at Atlantic Alliance Summit

“NATO began 75 years ago as a peace project. We should also remember this today,” Viktor Orbán explained on his social media page. The Hungarian Prime Minister is attending the Atlantic Alliance’s summit from July 9 to 11.

In a video published ahead of the NATO summit in Washington, Mr. Orbán stated, “NATO should not win the wars around it, but the peace.”

He recalled that NATO was founded with the aim of protecting the security of its members.

However, today it seems to have moved away from its original purpose and is increasingly behaving like a war organization. One sign of this is NATO’s increasingly active role in the Russian-Ukrainian war, he added.

“We think this is dangerous and even irresponsible because nobody can see where this will lead, where we will end up,” Orbán explained. He argued that the alliance should return to its original spirit.

“NATO should win the peace, not the wars around it. To this end, we should first and foremost develop our own defense capabilities. On behalf of Hungary, I will therefore confirm today that we will not participate in the NATO mission in Ukraine, but we will fully comply with our commitments to develop Hungary’s defense capabilities,” he emphasized in Washington.

As we have already reported,

Viktor Orbán dedicated the first day of the NATO summit to his peace mission.

After his arrival in Washington, the Hungarian Prime Minister held talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, asking him to support Hungarian ceasefire and peace efforts. This is important, as only Turkey has so far been able to successfully mediate between the two warring parties.

The Prime Minister also met with President Joe Biden in the U.S. capital. President Biden stated on Monday that “Ukraine can and will stop Putin,” and recalled that the recent missile attacks in Ukraine, including the attack on the children’s hospital in Kiev, were a terrible reminder of Russia’s brutality.

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