Watermelon Season Starts Early, Booming Exports Ahead

This year, watermelons have been spared any frost damage, allowing the season to commence two weeks earlier than usual. Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy highlighted in a video posted on his social media site, writes Index.

The Minister pointed out significant increases in watermelon exports in recent years, with robust domestic consumption: 10-12 kilograms per person annually for watermelons and 1.5-2.2 kilograms per person annually for melons. In 2024, 1,198 producers will cultivate watermelons and 269 producers will grow melons, covering a total of 3,665 hectares for watermelons and 436 hectares for melons—both areas showing growth from last year.

Mr. Nagy expects a robust watermelon harvest of 160-180,000 tons this season, driven by favorable weather conditions.

He emphasized that the current sunny and warm weather is ideal for melons, ensuring high-quality Hungarian melons available in stores.

Regarding watermelon exports, the Minister reported a substantial increase in 2023, reaching 47,000 tons—an 85% rise in value compared to the previous year. He outlined plans to further expand exports, focusing on Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, leveraging Hungary’s favorable geographic location to achieve cost-effective transportation to these markets.

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Via Index; Featured Image: Pixabay

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