Women’s Water Polo Team Beats Singapore by 37 Goals

As expected, the Hungarian women’s water polo team defeated Singapore in their second World Cup group match by an even bigger margin than in the first one against New Zealand, writes Magyar Nemzet. The 39-2 win completed the tune-up, with Rybanska and Gurisatti being our two most successful players with six goals each. From now on, the Hungarians have a tough battle ahead of them, with first place in the group at stake against Australia on Thursday. The men’s team will continue against Italy on Wednesday.

The big moment came for Singapore in the 19th minute of the match, at 21-0, when Yap scored a beautiful shot into the net. Not only Yap was happy, the whole Singapore bench was on fire. Just like in the first round, when they were beaten 32-1 by Australia, Singapore scored their goal of honor. In fact, Yap scored another one later on to give Hungary a 39-2 win. Hence, the Hungarian team scored more and got more goals against Singapore than Australia.

There is no point in evaluating the match from a professional point of view, but there was still a lot to be gained, as all the Hungarian players scored goals and the match may have given several players a boost to their confidence.

Natasa Rybanska, for instance, scored from all six of her shots and was the most successful player in the Hungarian team, along with Gréta Gurisatti.

This is also important because the Slovakian water polo player (Rybanska), became a key player at the World Championships a year and a half ago, where she played an important role in winning the silver medal, but then underwent surgery and is finding it difficult to regain her old form.

On Thursday, the Hungarian team faces Australia for first place in Group C.

“It is hard to evaluate the game, we saw it more as a training session and the most important thing was to be able to control ourselves. We wanted to keep a sensible system of play rather than a frenzy in the match by having the opposition put up much less resistance than we were used to. This was actually the case, in the third quarter we were even able to practice a little extra, we are waiting for Australia – said co-head coach Attila Mihók, who also added that the World Cup kicks off on Thursday against Australia.

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Via Magyar Nemzet; Featured image via MTI/Kovács Tamás

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