8 gifts kindergarteners want for their graduation

Kindergarten graduation is a big deal! Your little one is officially moving on to grade school. While it may seem like they’re growing up far too fast, rewarding your kindergarten graduate with a cool, unique gift shows how proud you are.

Whether you’re a grandparent, parent or sibling looking for the perfect gift, we’ve got a list of eight exciting options any kid will love.

Grow their squishmallow collection with a graduation owl.  (Amazon )

Every kid loves a squishmallow. Even the kids with dozens of them likely don’t have a graduation-themed one. There are owls, fuzzy monsters, bears and more all dressed up in a cap or gown, so it’s easy to find an option your graduate will love. You can get graduation squishmallows from:

Get a gift all your kid’s classmates can sign.  (Amazon )

A gift that all of your kid’s friends can sign is the perfect memento for graduation. A white stuffed animal dog can be signed with felt markers by every kid in the class, creating a lasting gift that’s still fun. Find a personalized graduation dog at:

Gift the power of reading with a good ‘ole Dr. Seuss book.  (Amazon )

Help your graduate continue their reading journey with a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! It’s on theme and offers fun lessons in an easy-to-read way. You can get your own copy from:

Find affordable bikes with training wheels at Amazon.  (Amazon)

Really want to spoil your kids for graduation? A new bike is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to ride. You can often find children’s bikes for under $100. See your options at:

Every kid loves Bluey! (Disney Store)

Is your child a fan of Frozen? Lilo & Stitch? Winnie the Pooh? A Disney gift adds to their collection. 

A Winnie the Pooh backpack helps prepare them for first grade. Or, opt for a stuffed animal from every kid’s favorite show: Bluey! Easily find your child’s favorite Disney gift from:

Make crafts for weeks with a full kit.  (Amazon )

Crafts can keep your kids entertained all summer. There’s an option for every child, whether they want to paint birdhouses, draw in the driveway with chalk or make bracelets. You can find affordable craft kits at major retailers like:

A set of Legos comes with every color under the rainbow.  (Amazon)

Legos remain a classic gift for a reason, kids can build and rebuild their own creations from multi-colored Legos. The classic Lego box comes with nearly 500 pieces and a variety of colors, so it’s the best place to start. Find a classic Lego set from:

Keep the whole family cool with a Slip and Slide. (Amazon )

Help your kids get outside more with a Slip and Slide. It’s easier to deal with than a pool. Just hook up the hose and create a water slide every kid in the neighborhood will want to play on. You can find water slides at the following stores:

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