2024 Super Bowl LVIII odds: Bettor wagers $1 million on 49ers, tracking other big bets

Here at FOX Sports, we like big bets and we cannot lie. 

And nothing invites big bets quite like the Super Bowl odds market.

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Consider this space your one-stop shop to learn about all the major Super Bowl wagers and what the oddsmakers are saying about those wagers. 

Nearly 68 million adults in America are expected to wager more than $23 billion, according to the American Gaming Association.

We’ll update every day through Super Bowl Sunday.

And we’ve got a whopper to get started.

All Hail Caesars

On Tuesday morning, after a flurry of news about how all the early action was on the Kansas City Chiefs, it was the San Francisco 49ers taking the first truly major wager.

Caesars Sports reported that a customer in Michigan put $1 million on 49ers moneyline -120. It’s the first reported seven-figure wager in the Super Bowl LVIII odds market, but it surely won’t be the last.

If the 49ers beat the Chiefs, the bettor will profit $833,333.33, for a total payout of $1,833,333.33. Yeah, don’t forget that 33 cents at the end, as if it matters!

But that’s not all for this high-rolling bettor. Caesars Sports’ Dominic Holden confirmed that the same customer also made a $200,000 bet on 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy +240 to win the MVP award. And the bettor put $100,000 on tails -105 for the coin toss.

Should Purdy be named MVP, that bet would profit $480,000, for a total payout of $680,000. And if the coin toss comes up tails, the customer would profit $95,238.

Total it all up, and the big bettor is in for $1.3 million in Super Bowl wagers so far, with potential profit of $1,408,571.33, for a total payout of $2,708,571.33. Eye-popping numbers, to be sure.

Other notable wagers

The big bets are starting to roll in as kickoff nears.

A bettors put down $500,000 (-125) on the San Francisco moneyline.

Potential profit: $400,000.

There have been nine safeties scored in Super Bowl history, but no team has finished the big game with two points.

One bettor will win a million dollars on a $100 bet if it happens Sunday.

We’ve got a big long-shot bet – 49ers defensive end Chase Young to win MVP, payout would be $600,000.

A big-money bet has come in on the 49ers, $500,000 at -125 for a profit of $400,000.

A major $200,000 wager came in on the Chiefs moneyline (+110) for a potential profit of $220,000.

A Vegas sportsbook took 49ers bets of $105,000 on the moneyline (-105, for a $100,000 profit) and a $57,000 wager at -114 to win a $50,000 profit.

There are also two large Super Bowl futures bets at Caesars:

One bet was a $180,000 49ers future at +200 odds, to win $360,000 total if San Francisco wins their sixth Super Bowl, while another was a $100,000 wager on the Chiefs at +500, to win $500,000 total if K.C. brings home the trophy. 

Another early big bet on the Niners.

Some big bets are starting to roll in on the Chiefs.

If Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco is named Super Bowl LVIII MVP, a bettor will win a cool million bucks.

A bettor is risking $25 on Chefs receiver Kadarius Toney winning MVP. If Toney does, the bettor would profit $20,000.

A New Jersey bettor plunked down $1,000 at +20000 on San Francisco tight end George Kittle winning SB MVP. That would pay $200,000. 

A bettor is backing 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk for MVP at +75000. Payout? A cool $105,000.

Have you heard of Scorgami? Credited to Jon Bois, Scorigami happens when an NFL game ends with a final score for the first time.

A lot of bettors are hoping it happens Sunday.

Another bettor put down $10 on Juszczyk being named MVP at +30000. Potential profit: $30,000.

This might be the longest shot bet we’ll see. A Nevada bettor invested $100 on the Chiefs to score only a safety – yes, finish with exactly two points – at +1000000. Potential payout: $1 million dollars.

Not all big bets in Vegas are being placed on the Strip or downtown.

Check back regularly for more big-bet news and comments.

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