Mom in Despair After Accidentally Donating Toy With Voice of Son’s Late Dad


A woman’s desperate search to find a beloved teddy bear that she mistakenly donated to a second-hand store has gone viral on Facebook.

The dragon bear is more than just a plush toy— it holds immense sentimental value as it has voice recordings from her son Hendrix’s late father.

Rebecca Bergeron, 31, from Belleville, Canada, recently wrote a heartfelt plea online asking to purchase the toy back from whoever bought it from the store 18 months ago.

Bergeron told Newsweek: “The Toothless Build-A-Bear has four incredibly sweet recordings of his father’s voice, one saying: “I love you little man.”

Facebook plea
(Left) Rebecca Bergeron and her son Hendrix, 7. A screenshot of the viral Facebook post. Bergeron has gone online to get help in finding a treasured toy she donated by mistake.

Rebecca Bergeron/Facebook

The fictional character from fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon represents a tangible link to a tragic chapter in her life. Four years ago, Bergeron’s ex-husband lost his battle with mental health and addiction, leaving behind their son, who is now 7.

“I put the bear into storage as my son was too young to understand the situation, which is why there are no pictures of my son with the stuffed animal. I had hoped to gift it to him when he was older,” she said.

However, the mom-of-two mistakenly donated it to Value Village in her hometown, Belleville, in 2022. But she was unaware until recently.

Bergeron told Newsweek: “I rang the store, but they said they have a 1- to 2-week turnover on used items, which is to be expected. So I decided to write on a local Facebook group.

“I know it’s a long shot. But it would be a miracle if the toy was returned to us.

“It would be forever loved and cherished by my son. Anything further, I would hope that our story could serve as a reminder that if we all stand together, on a larger scale, working toward a common goal, greater things can be achieved.”

So far, the post shared to “Belleville Neighbors” Facebook group has 8,500 shares from strangers all over the world.

“Shared in Hamilton. I’m hoping dad’s voice gets back home to your family,” said one user.

Another user said: “I really hope if you do find it, the person doesn’t make you pay for it. Sending good vibes.”

“I’ve just come across your post and my heart breaks for you. Literal tears in my eyes for your son. I can only imagine the pit you have in your stomach about this. Shared in Uxbridge. Hoping beyond all hope Toothless is found,” said a third user.

Newsweek has reached out to Value Village for comment.

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