Reason No One Wanted to Adopt ‘Sweetest’ Kitten Has Internet Up in Arms

A cat owner revealed the reasons why no one wanted a cat, triggering quite the defensive storm on TikTok.

The owner said in a TikTok clip that she saw a cat was posted for free on Preloved, a buying and selling website. She was taken aback by the precious cat being listed as free, and worried the wrong person would pick her up, which is why she immediately jumped at the opportunity.

As soon as she met the cat in person, she fell in love with the “sweetest” kitten. It made her wonder how all the other kittens could be adopted but not this black cat. When she asked why the cat was marked as free, the person said no one liked this cat’s fur.

The caption on the clip posted to account @velcrocatbabs reads: “Can you believe no one wanted her because they said she was ugly and weird looking because of her fur.”

Screenshots of a black cat that no one wanted. The owner said people did not want to adopt her because she was “weird looking.”


The cat, who has since been named Babs, has wiry, black, velcro-like fur. Those who did not want Babs were probably used to cats with shiny and smooth fur. But the lack of interest in Babs could also be linked to black-cat superstitions.

Black cats are often a symbol of bad luck and Halloween. This, unfortunately, leads to them living in shelters for longer, as they are adopted less often than felines with lighter fur. Black cats also have a higher likelihood of being euthanized than animals of other colors.

The January 27 clip has since received over 184,400 views, 14,300 likes and 327 comments. Viewers flooded the comment section with their praises for Babs. They were shocked to find out no one wanted her before this cat mom came along.

“OH MY GOD she is ADORABLE !!!!! The little waves in the fur ugh she’s too cute,” said a user.

“Oh, it’s the first time I’ve seen her. I’m in love! What a wee gorgeous girl,” commented another.

Viewers are up in arms that so many overlooked this cat: “I must be blind but I don’t see anything wrong with her fur. She’s beautiful.”

Babs has since adjusted to her new forever home quite well. The owner said in a follow-up video that her son and Babs fell in love instantly. She’s making friends with the other cats in the house. One happened easily, while the other cat is tolerating Babs. Time will only bring them closer.

Newsweek reached out to @velcrocatbabs via TikTok for additional information.

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