Family Is the “Most effective way to reach those in need”

The Hungarian government wants to help all age groups with its social policy, said Ágnes Hornung, Secretary of State for Families at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, in her opening speech at the online conference on Social Innovation for Poverty Eradication.

Secretary of State Hornung stressed that the government believes that the smallest basic unit of society, the family, is the most effective way to reach those in need, and its family-friendly policy launched in 2010, now also aims to help communities within a wider perspective.

As a result of these measures, the overall financial situation of all family types has improved since 2010, and the number of families with children at risk of poverty has fallen significantly, as many of their providers have moved from unemployment to finding a job.

She highlighted the introduction of the family tax advantage scheme as an important step, and the CSOK-plus home formation support launched this year as a new initiative. The government will continue to provide free textbooks for primary and secondary school pupils and free meals for a very large proportion of kindergarten and nursery-age children in institutions, while the Elizabeth Camps, the largest state-subsidized program in Europe, will provide holiday and recreation opportunities for families in social need.

Finally, the secretary of state thanked Judit Regős, President of the House of Parents Foundation, for her support to the work of the Ministry. In her reply, Ms. Regős pointed out that the organization was set up in 2007 to support people through the often difficult process of becoming parents and starting a family with the help of a qualified team.

For this reason, among others, they already run six family support centers and reach more than 100,000 households.

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