Office for the Protection of Sovereignty on the Trail of Opposition Campaign Dollars

The scale of the brazen interference with which groups close to the American Democrats have tried to influence the Hungarian elections in April 2022 is very much underappreciated by international public opinion. Now the newly established Office for the Protection of Sovereignty (Szuverenitásvédelmi Hivatal, SZH) is investigating videos shared on X, in which the leaders of a US-based left-wing lobby group, Action for Democracy (A4D) admit that US oligarch George Soros is behind the millions of dollars that the organization has given to the Hungarian left, Tamás Lánczi, head of the office, told the Mandiner newspaper.

According to Lánczi, they are trying to obtain the complete recordings, to this end, they have already contacted the relevant authorities, including those overseas. Although the videos on X have been edited, they do not appear to have been manipulated, as

the actors – the leaders of A4D – seem to be talking at length about how they wanted to influence the Hungarian elections, who they were working for and how they were trying to help the opposition to get into government,

Tamás Lánczi said.

It was already known what the mechanism of distribution of foreign money to the opposition in the campaign for the 2022 parliamentary elections was. But now we are also getting some insight into the origin of the money. This needs to be fully explored by examining the original, unedited footage,” said the head of the Office for the Protection of Sovereignty, adding that he suspects illegal activity behind the foreign financing.

In one of the videos shared on X, Dávid Korányi, the leader of A4D, said that they had deliberately kept the fact that George Soros was the main donor secret, using the opportunity provided by US law, because they thought it would tarnish their image in Hungary. Hence the financial speculator, cloaked in anonymity, was able to intervene in Hungarian domestic affairs with his virtually unlimited financial resources.

Tamás Lánczi. Photo via Facebook

This clearly shows that it is not easy to prevent this, but the SZH, in cooperation with state bodies such as the State Audit Office or the National Information Center (Hungarian intelligence services), will do everything possible to prevent such attempts before the June local and European elections.

He added that

if the above-mentioned actors were to use similar methods to smuggle cash into Hungary – for example, in bags or trunks – this would fall within the competence of law enforcement agencies.

Once the full investigation is completed, the National Audit Office may even propose an amendment to the law.

It is worth remembering that according to a secret service report investigating foreign influence on the 2022 elections, some four billion forints (cc. 10 million USD) of foreign money arrived in Hungary through Dávid Korányi’s Action for Democracy and a Swiss foundation, and financed the campaign activities of the left. The source of the money could not be identified at the time, but in videos published on X recently, several A4D leaders make it clear that George Soros was the main donor.


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