Prevailing Hungarian Interest in Transylvania is at Stake


According to the party’s leader, Hunor Kelemen, the merging of the Romanian national elections will not change anything, and the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) will continue to focus on the interests of Transylvanian Hungarians in 2024.

On Wednesday evening, the President of the RMDSZ reacted to the announcement by Social Democratic Party Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Liberal President of the Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, that the two governing parties would enter into an electoral alliance or merge and hold the European Parliament and local elections jointly on June 9.

“We are not afraid of it; we have done the job, in fact, we have done it well in the past years; we are facing our community with courage.

The merging of the elections does not change the issue: we have to defend the interests of Hungarians in Transylvania in the future.

Hungarian candidates must succeed in local elections, and we must maintain our representation. This is the only way to protect our community from extremist elements within Romanian politics: if we govern the Hungarian settlements, we have a strong representation in Bucharest and Brussels,” Hunor Kelemen stressed.

He added that in Romanian public life, there has been too much talk in recent times about power games, “but those who have not had time to engage in them at all are the citizens.” Mr. Kelemen emphasized the focus on local development and the future of the EU over engaging in power struggles, stating that the EU transcends such dynamics.

“I believe that we need sober and credible voices, and that is what we are and will be,” the RMDSZ President concluded.

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